The Foundation aims to influence policy by supplying Parliamentarians with information and ‘ammunition’ for Parliamentary Questions, by helping with suggestions for political interventions and drafting speeches for debates. This work, in part, contributed to a building of cross-party support for the new Modern Slavery Act (Royal Assent received on 26th March 2015).

Over the past few years, a large number of Parliamentary Questions - in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords – have been drafted and tabled on a daily basis as a direct result of initiatives taken by the Foundation. This aspect of our work is unique and capitalises on our trustees’ networks both in Parliament and within the anti-trafficking community. Our primary goal is to ensure that issues raised in Parliament accurately reflect the key challenges faced by those working at the rock face. 

We are currently playing a crucial role in:

  • pressing the government to record and publicly disclose the number of victims referred to the National Referral Mechanism and where they were found;
  • monitoring the government’s anti-trafficking activities, including data collection and victim support services; 
  • scrutinising the outcomes of the Modern Slavery Act,  such as conviction rates for traffickers, transparency in supply chains, and child advocate schemes.

Looking forward, the Foundation will strive to ensure that political consideration is given to the following priorities:

  • the need for improved awareness and training for frontline organisations, such as healthcare workers, police, teachers, as well as the general public;
  • the need for improved data collection about human trafficking in the UK and across Europe;
  • the need to support victims wishing to return to their countries of origin through government funded programmes of reintegration run by well established local NGOs.

In addition, HTF is the Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery.

To find out more about the questions which are being tabled in Parliament, please have a look at the Parliamentary Questions section. You can also follow us on twitter @HumanTraffFdn, where links to the latest Parliamentary Questions are provided regularly.