West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network

The West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network is a multi-agency network with over 55 members from Statutory and Non Statutory agencies whom may encounter modern day slavery, human trafficking and forced labour in their day to day work activities. The purpose of the network is to build knowledge, identify best practice, identify trends in trafficking, raise awareness and work closely with partners to combat trafficking and identify and rescue victims of trafficking.

Established in 2008/2009 the network has grown in size and has continued to keep pace with modern day slavery as the awareness of it continues to grow in the UK. We keep members knowledge of trafficking and legislation up to date by regular presentations by internal and sometimes external agencies. Membership continues to rise as organisations in the West Midlands begin to see how trafficking may feature in their day-to-day work. We are proud to have a number of diverse organisations who don't usually feature in local partnerships. In addition recent new members include a housing association and Business in the Community, both fabulous new partners for clearly apparent reasons. We are also soon to welcome another new member, the RSPA.

The Network is now also a member of the Regional Organised Crime Unit Modern Day Slavery Threat Group, chaired by the National Crime Agency, as well being a member of the West Midlands Police Modern Slavery Operational Group. The Network is also part of the PCC Victims Commission, representing victims of modern slavery. Membership of such groups enables complete unity amongst statutory and non-statutory sectors and enhances communication between all members.  



- Robin Brierley: robin.brierley@robinbrierleyconsultancy.co.uk

- Abby Scott: abby.wmregionalantitrafficking@gmail.com

- Donna Pryor: info@westmidlandsantislavery.org

Website: www.westmidlandsantislavery.org