Fortress Calais: UK, France to build police outpost to tackle human traffickers

Britain is to build a police command center in the French port town of Calais.

Human traffickers jailed for selling women into sham marriages in Britain


Two human traffickers were jailed after selling Eastern European women to Asian men.  

The Lithuanian ‘slaves’ highlight the holes in Britain’s anti-trafficking strategy

The British government’s estimate is that there are 10,000 to 13,000 people in forced labour in the UK.

Men trafficked from Vietnam to grow Marijuana in UK failed by system, says top human rights lawyer

 Vietnam was among the top five countries adult and child slaves are brought from to the UK. 

In the autumn the UK's independent anti-slavery commissioner, Kevin Hyland, will lead a fact-finding mission to Vietnam.

BBC News with our Director, Tatiana Jardan, on enforcement of Modern Slavery Act

Today, the first group of legal provisions from the Modern Slavery Act (2015) come into force.

UK companies to produce anti-slavery supply chain reports, says UK PM

Companies with turnover of more than £36 million will have to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking statement, under a clause in the Modern Slavery Act.

Anti-slavery powers come into force in England and Wales

Key parts of new legislation to combat slavery in the UK - including life sentences for those guilty of people trafficking - have come into force in England and Wales.

David Cameron vows to tackle trafficking of Vietnamese children

Fact-finding mission will examine how to stop traffickers in Vietnam, while big UK firms will have to show how they are preventing human

Modern slavery survivors abandoned by UK Government

A new report in the UK reveals survivors of abuse in modern day slavery are not looked after by the government and are exposed to homelessness, thus becoming an easier target for traffickers.

Survivors of modern-day slavery 'abandoned and risk being re-trafficked'

Survivors of modern-day slavery, some of whom have endured horrific physical, psychological and sexual abuse at the hands of traffickers, are being abandoned and are at risk of being re-trafficked, according to a report published on Monday.