Disabled Romanians forced into begging on UK streets. Is this a new trend?

The Sundays Times reported on 21st of July that traffickers were starting recruiting their victims amongst disabled Romanians, who were forced to beg on UK high streets.

New report ' Sexual Exploitation: Prostitution and Organized Crime'

For the second consecutive year, the Fondation Scelles has developed a worldwide overview of prostitution.

Eleven 'victims' of labour exploitation rescued in Derbyshire

The BBC reported that 11 men from Eastern European origins were rescued in a police raid carried out in Derbyshire. They are thought to be victims of seriuos 'labour exploitation'.

UK backs project to end modern-day slavery in South Asia

The UK government in conjuction with the ILO and the Gender Violence and Health Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine launched yesterday the 'Work in Freedom' programme which aims to prevent 100,000 girls and

Tougher sanctions on rogue businesses employing illegal migrants

The Government has recently announced its intention to toughen civil penalties against rogue businesses employing illegal migrants, while cutting red tape for legitimate employers.

Box on human trafficking in Cirencester

Raising awareness of human trafficking

The Home Office is working to raise awareness of human trafficking with the police and other front-line professionals who may encounter victims or perpetrators of human trafficking.

A new police operation launched in South Wales to fight human trafficking

The South Wales evening post reported that a new police operation called Eagle was lauched in South Wales to fight human trafficking.

Final Bucharest Conference of Parliamentarians Against Human Trafficking

Over 100 parliamentarians from 21 countries across the EU, together with anti-trafficking representatives from government, NGOs, researchers, donors and policy-makers met on 26 and 27 June 2012 at the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest. 

New Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group report: In the Dock

A third report by the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group (ATMG) was launched yesterday. It is entitled ‘In the Dock’ and examines the effectiveness of the UK’s Criminal Justice System’s (CJS) response to trafficking in terms of law, policy and practice.