Supporting Adult Survivors of Slavery to Facilitate Recovery and Reintegration and Prevent Re-exploitation

In recent months the Human Trafficking Foundation has been working with our partners throughout the anti-trafficking sector who work with survivors of trafficking during and after the NRM process or who operate at a policy level to produce recommendations for long-term support for victims of trafficking. 

This coalition recommends that:

1. There should be multiagency involvement in decision making which should inform ongoing support

2. A positive Conclusive Grounds decision must carry status

3. Legal advice and representation must be offered early to all potential victims of trafficking or modern slavery

4. Individual case workers should be available to each trafficked or enslaved person to deliver casework support and individual advocacy following a positive Conclusive Grounds decision 

5. Safe house accommodation move-on timetables should be more flexible with support diminishing according to need 


Read the full report here PDF icon Long term survivor support needs March 17 2.pdf