Day 46: Is there life after the Safe House for Survivors of Modern Slavery?

A new report from the Human Trafficking Foundation exposes how victims of modern slavery and human trafficking rescued in the UK are abandoned after 45 days.

The research found that a quarter of victims disappeard after being rescued: of 73 potential interviewees, a few months after exiting the shelter, 18 were completely unaccounted for.  

The UK spends at least £4million each year to provide shelter and safety to victims of slavery during what is known as the “recovery and reflection” period. This period allows time for the Home Office to make a conclusive decision on whether they think the person has been trafficked or not.  After that decision is made, on ‘Day 46’ financial support and assistance ends.

The report concludes that it makes little sense to spend millions of pounds of public funds finding and supporting victims only to abandon them. The reprot offers some practical solutions. 

Jess Phillips MP, Vice- Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery describes the report as a “damning indictment of our failure to protect victims of trafficking”

Anthony Steen CBE, Chairman, Human Trafficking Foundation said “The Prime Minister’s recent pledge to put Britain at the forefront of defeating this evil is an important step forward. What is now lacking is a focus on the plight of victims. This report is a snapshot, highlighting how quickly survivors disappear once they are found!"

Read the full report PDF icon Human Trafficking Foundation Report 2016 Day 46.PDF