Derby & Derbyshire Partnership

Derby & Derbyshire Partnership aims to undertake outreach and education throughout the community, public services, faith communities and voluntary and community sectors to raise awareness and understanding of what trafficking is, how traffickers operate, the experiences of victims. We want to equip people to identify potential trafficking and slavery situations and what to do if victims are identified. We will focus our action plan on the four strategic themes identified in the national strategy:


 - PREVENT – Preventing people from engaging in modern slavery

 - PROTECT – Strengthening safeguards against modern slavery by protecting vulnerable people from exploitation and increasing awareness of and resilience against this crime

 - PREPARE – Reducing the harm caused by modern slavery through improved victim identification and enhanced support

 - PURSUE – Prosecuting and disrupting individuals and groups responsible for modern slavery


The partnership is an advisory and operational body working within the responsibility of member organisations. In addition to raising awareness, it will deliver local actions to identify and respond to trafficking situations. It will make recommendations to Police, UKVI, Safeguarding Boards, Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, UKHTC and other decision-making bodies concerning relevant trafficking & modern day slavery policy issues and practices.


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