Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT)


CCAT is a coalition of people from all walks of life who work to raise awareness about human trafficking and the enslavement of vulnerable people and children that is hidden in many communities. Starting in 2004, CCAT now consists of 1500 members several of whom help on a voluntary basis. 


CCAT’s work includes intelligence gathering on dubious establishments and practices that is shared with the authorities for further investigation, engagement with students at schools and colleges on modern day slavery and the organisation of various events that create publicity and raise awareness with the public.  As slavery and trafficking can happen anywhere, CCAT is particularly well known for working with local, regional and national agencies to help them all develop legislation and measures that will step up the fight against human trafficking.  A model YCAHT (Your Community Against Human Trafficking) has been developed and is available for other areas to develop effective community practices to combat trafficking/slavery.


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Croydon Council – Prevention of Human Trafficking in Croydon sub-group 


Prevention of Human Trafficking in Croydon sub-group is overseen by the Deputy Chief Executive of Croydon Council and was established as a central coordination point for all issues relating to human trafficking & modern slavery in Croydon. The sub-group reports to the Safeguarding Adults Board & Croydon Safeguarding Children’s Board.


The sub-group was established because Croydon Council recognised that modern slavery is a problem in the Borough and as a mechanism to coordinate the work necessary to coordinate policy/operational work streams towards raising practitioner & public awareness of the issue of human trafficking / modern slavery.


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