Anti-Slavery Day 2015

Anti-Slavery Day has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. From a small handful of events organised in 2011, to dozens of events organised around the country and throughout October in 2015; Anti-Slavery Day is gathering momentum with each passing year.

The 18th October was set aside as Anti-Slavery Day by the UK Parliament thanks to a Private Members Bill introduced by the Human Trafficking Foundation’s founder and Chairman, former MP Anthony Steen. Its purpose from the outset was threefold: to acknowledge the millions of people who continue to be held in slavery; to raise awareness of that fact; and to draw attention to the important work done to combat slavery, as well as the work which still must be done.

The Human Trafficking Foundation will once again mark Anti-Slavery Day with our annual Media Awards. This is an opportunity to reward the excellent work and essential contributions made across a variety of platforms, be it through television, film, theatre or journalism. We have enjoyed hosting our Awards at Downing Street and at Speaker’s House in previous years and we are delighted that the Awards will this year be presented by the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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Organisations around the country are seizing this opportunity to highlight human trafficking and modern slavery. There is a wonderfully diverse range of activities and events planned: from theatre productions to film screenings to lectures, as well as police summits, conferences and a huge variety of fundraisers. Once again, to find out more about the events which are taking place and how you yourself can get involved, visit

In addition to the vast array of events scheduled to take place, Anti-Slavery Day 2015 will be marked by the coming into effect of several important provisions of the Modern Slavery Act. Amongst those provisions due to enter into effect are those regarding transparency in supply chains; one of the most interesting innovations within the Modern Slavery Act.  Under this new legislation, companies with a turnover of greater than £36m annually will be obliged to provide a statement detailing the steps taken to eradicate slavery from their supply chains. Such statements will be available to members of the public to scrutinise, and it is hoped that such public scrutiny will encourage companies to take a proactive approach to eradicating exploitation. Anti-Slavery Day will also provide the opportunity for Kevin Hyland, the UK’s first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, to launch his strategy. 

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Anti-Slavery Day 2015 has the enormous potential to engage a wide and diverse audience: from high level governmental policy targeting large international corporations, to grassroots awareness-raising. It is hoped that such a wonderful range of events and activities will significantly bolster support for the anti-slavery movement in the UK and beyond in the future.