Winning films from anti-slavery short film competition form key ingredient of new training resource pack for front line workers

Last month anti-slavery charity Unchosen launched their UK and Ireland training resource pack and the second year of their modern-day slavery short film competition.
Founded in 2008, Unchosen raise awareness about human trafficking and modern day slavery in the UK and Ireland through film events. Last year they launched their first anti-trafficking short film competition.  Following the huge success of these films at the premiere film events, Unchosen have now produced a training resource pack based around the films and launched a second anti-slavery short film competition.

In the first year of the short film competition, Unchosen sought anonymous case studies from leading anti-trafficking organisations and covered the diverse nature of trafficking in the UK and Ireland today focusing on sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced labour and criminality.   The shortlisted films now form part of Unchosen’s roadshow currently traveling across the UK and Ireland as part of their awareness-raising campaign.  Anne Read, Anti- trafficking coordinator of The Salvation Army says “watching an Unchosen film brings clarity and understanding to the issue of human trafficking in a way that the written word can't. It's like shining a bright light on a subject that had previously only been visible in the shadows.”

Unchosen know that the more people that are aware of the signs of slavery and are able to report it, the harder it will be for slavery to exist here. The training pack uses the films, combined with case studies and key indicators to support front line workers to be better able to identify victims of trafficking.  Also included in the pack is information about support organisations working in the area and links to further resources. The short films provide a succinct training resource that can be used flexibly to suit different training needs. 

February also saw the launch of the second year of their short-film competition which will focus exclusively on forced labour. Unchosen have again sought case studies from leading agencies working in this field to ensure that the case studies reflect the reality that is taking place today.  The 12 shortlisted films will be judged by a panel of high-profile judges including award winning director Ken Loach and anti-trafficking coordinator Anne Reid.

These films will show how we may all, unknowingly, be complicit in modern slavery through the purchase of the products and services we consume on a daily basis: your favourite jumper, the chicken for your Sunday roast, or your takeaway on a Friday night.   It will no doubt be a shocking revelation to many that people are enslaved here in the UK- just around the corner or perhaps even outside your front door- the man laying the paving slabs on your drive.  This is an opportunity to tell their stories.

Unchosen invite you to visit their website or contact them at if you would like to find out more about purchasing the resource pack or entering the film competition.