APPG on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery was founded by former MP Anthony Steen - currently chairman of the Human Trafficking Foundation - with the purpose of raising awareness of the scale and effects of human trafficking in the UK, while seeking solutions to reduce supply/demand and improve welfare provisions for victims.

The APPG pledges to hold Government to account on its promise to ensure:

  • better assistance for victims, especially children, in a way which is consistent with the European Directives to combat human trafficking;
  • better training for the police and frontline workers so that signs of human trafficking can be effectively detected and traffickers prosecuted.

The APPG is currently chaired by Fiona Mactaggart MP and Baroness Butler-Sloss who oversee and coordinate all the activities of the group. The Foundation currently operates as the Secretariat of the Group and Anthony Steen as its special advisor. The APPG is registered with the House of Commons.